Avila Dongle is Standalone, No Need Internet Connection

Supported Models

Supported Models

AVILA DONGLE – Features:

– Dongle completely standalone
– Software no need internet conection
– Unlimited calculate nck for:
Calculate Unlimited for AEG
Calculate Unlimited for Alcatel Android
Calculate Unlimited for Alcatel Generic
Calculate Unlimited for Alcatel Modems
Calculate Unlimited for Avvio (Colombia)
Calculate Unlimited for Azumi
Calculate Unlimited for Beeline
Calculate Unlimited for Bmobile (Trinidad y Tobago)
Calculate Unlimited for Coral
Calculate Unlimited for Digicel (Jamaica)
Calculate Unlimited for Doro
Calculate Unlimited for Emporia
Calculate Unlimited for Gelsi (Venezuela)
Calculate Unlimited for Huawei
Calculate Unlimited for Lanix (México)
Calculate Unlimited for Lenovo
Calculate Unlimited for M4 (México)
Calculate Unlimited for MicroMax
Calculate Unlimited for Movistar
Calculate Unlimited for Pantech
Calculate Unlimited for Sendtel (Venezuela)
Calculate Unlimited for Verykool (USA)
Calculate Unlimited for Vtelca (Venezuela)
Calculate Unlimited for Wiko
Calculate Unlimited for ZTE
and many more brands…
– Repair IMEI for Alcatel Qualcomm Phones
– Universal Remove FRP by ADB & FASTBOOT

AVILA DONGLE – Latest Updates:

V 1.0- added TESCO: IMO DASH UK.
V 1.0- added IMO: Q2.
V 1.0- added FNB: CONEXIS A1.
V 1.1- added LIKUID: LK500.
V 1.1- added AVVIO: A300.
V 1.2- added VTELCA: Vergatario L111, Vergatario 5, Vergatario 5+.First in World!!
V 1.2- Fix virus detetction.
V 1.3- Fix missing models.
– Added Alcatel QC Imei Repair.
– Added All Calculation Standalone.
V 1.4- added FRP by ADB & FASTBOOT GENERIC (Beta Test). Universal method, for beta test. More coming soon…..
OT-890, OT-A890, OT-4005D, OT-4007A, OT-4007D, OT-4007X, OT-4010A, OT-4010D, OT-4010E, OT-4010X, OT-4015A, OT-4015D, OT-4015N, OT-4015X, OT-4016A, OT-4016X, OT-4018A, OT-4018D, OT-4018F, OT-4018M, OT-4018X, OT-4030A, OT-4030D, OT-4030E, OT-4030X, OT-4030Y, OT-4032A, OT-4032D, OT-4032E, OT-4032X, OT-4033A, OT-4033D, OT-4033E, OT-4033X, OT-4035D, OT-4035X, OT-4036E, OT-4037A, OT-4037X, OT-4110E, OT-5020A, OT-5020D, OT-5020E, OT-5021E, OT-5020T, OT-5020W, OT-5020X, OT-5035A, OT-5035D, OT-5035X, OT-5038D, OT-5038E, OT-5038X, OT-5120A, OT-6010A, OT-6010D, OT-6010X, OT-6030A, OT-6030D, OT-6030X, OT-6032A, OT-6032X, OT-6033A, OT-6033M, OT-6033Q, OT-6033X, OT-6040A, OT-6040D, OT-6040E, OT-6040X, OT-6110A, OT-7025D, OT-7025X, OT-8008D, OT-8008W, OT-8008X, OT-8020A, OT-8020D, OT-8020X.

AVILA DONGLE – Supported Models:

ALCATEL GENERIC:  OT-1009A   OT-1009X   OT-1010D   OT-1010X   OT-1011A   OT-1011D   OT-1011X   OT-1012X   OT-1013D   OT-1013X   OT-1015D   OT-1016   OT-1016D   OT-1016G   OT-1017G   OT-1030A   OT-1030D   OT-1030X   OT-1035A   OT-1035D   OT-1035X   OT-1040D   OT-1040X   OT-1041A   OT-1041D   OT-1041X   OT-1042D   OT-1042X   OT-1045D   OT-1045G   OT-1046D   OT-1046G   OT-1051A   OT-1051D   OT-1051N   OT-1054D   OT-1060D   OT-1062   OT-1063   OT-1801   OT-2000X   OT-2001A   OT-2001X   OT-2004C   OT-2004G   OT-2005A   OT-2005D   OT-2005X   OT-2007D   OT-2007X   OT-2010D   OT-2010G   OT-2010X   OT-2012D   OT-2012G   OT-2014   OT-2036A   OT-2036X   OT-2038A   OT-2038F   OT-2038M   OT-2038N   OT-2038X   OT-2040D   OT-2040G   OT-2041   OT-2050G   OT-2051   OT-2052A   OT-2052X   OT-2052N   OT-2067   OT-2117A   OT-3000D   OT-3000G   OT-3000H   OT-3001G   OT-3002G   OT-3003G   OT-3020D   OT-3020G   OT-3022G   OT-3035A   OT-3040D   OT-3040G   OT-3041D   OT-3041G   OT-3042G   OT-3074M   OT-3075A   OT-3075M   OT-3142G   ALCATEL ANDROID:  OT-A890  OT-4005D  OT-4007A  OT-4007D  OT-4007X  OT-4010A  OT-4010D  OT-4010E  OT-4010X  OT-4015A  OT-4015D  OT-4015N  OT-4015X  OT-4016A  OT-4016X  OT-4018A  OT-4018D  OT-4018F  OT-4018M  OT-4018X  OT-4030A  OT-4030D  OT-4030E  OT-4030X  OT-4030Y  OT-4032A  OT-4032D  OT-4032E   OT-4032X  OT-4033A  OT-4033D  OT-4033E  OT-4033X  OT-4035D  OT-4035X  OT-4036E  OT-4037A  OT-4037X  OT-4110E   OT-4014A   OT-4022D   OT-4022X   OT-4023A   OT-4118A   OT-5020A  OT-5020D  OT-5020E  OT-5021E  OT-5020T  OT-5020W  OT-5020X  OT-5035A  OT-5035D  OT-5035X  OT-5038D  OT-5038E  OT-5038X  OT-5120A   OT-5017E   OT-5017O   OT-5017X   OT-5025D   OT-5025G   OT-5025X   OT-5042A   OT-5042D   OT-5042G   OT-5042X   OT-5050A   OT-5138E    OT-6010A  OT-6010D  OT-6010X  OT-6030A  OT-6030D  OT-6030X  OT-6032A  OT-6032X  OT-6033A  OT-6033M  OT-6033Q  OT-6033X  OT-6040A  OT-6040D  OT-6040E  OT-6040X  OT-6110A  OT-6014X   OT-6016A   OT-6036A   OT-6036Y   OT-6037B   OT-6037K   OT-6037Y   OT-6043D   OT-6050A   OT-6050Y   OT-7024N   OT-7024R   OT-7024W   OT-7025D  OT-7025X  OT-7040A   OT-7040D   OT-7040E   OT-7040K   OT-7040N   OT-7040T   OT-7041D   OT-7041X   OT-7042D   OT-7045Y   OT-7047A   OT-7047D   OT-7047E   OT-7055A   OT-7147E   OT-7050Y  OT-890 OT-8008D OT-8008W OT-8008X OT-8020A OT-8020D OT-8020X  OT-8030B   OT-8030Y   OT-9002X   OT-9005X   OT-9010X   OT-9020A   OT-VF1296    ALCATEL MODEM:  Evo7HD   L100   L800   M600   M600Q   M800V   S220L   W800Z   X020   X030   X060   X060S   X070S   X080S   X090   X090S   X100X   X150X   X200S   X200X   X210S   X210X   X215S   X220   X220X   X221L   X225L   X225S   X228L   X230   X230X   X300   X300X   X310   X310X   X500   X500X   X515   X520   X520X   X602   X602D   Y280X   Y580   Y580D   Y800   Y800Z   Y855   ///// 4GOOD:   Light A103   S450m   AEG:   Dual Sim X300   Senior Phone S200   Senior Phone SP100   Dual Sim BTX330   SeniorPhoneAuro 1010   Glamour 2 QX582   Dual Sim X90   Dual Sim SX80   Dual Sim X150   Dual Sim QX60   AX410 AndroidDualSim   Dual Sim X70   Dual Sim X500   Dual Sim T530   Dual Sim QSX400   Dual Sim X760   S180   Senior Phone S40   Glamour X580   Dual Sim X780   Dual Sim BX40   Dual Sim X200    AVVIO:   A300  AVVIO 410   sn50   T519   sn70      AZUMI:   Chic   L2z   L2u   Q10   Q15   LT40   A45LT   A35S Lite   QS810   HF503   BEELINE:   A100   A103   A106   C201   Tab Pro   SMART 7   Smart 3   Pro 3   Fast 2 New   TC-100 (modem)    BMOBILE:   AX610   AX620   AX1020   AX690   AX700   AX820    CHIBO:   Azumi B1   Bmobile TV30    CORAL:   Coral 200   Coral 255   Coral 640   Coral 266   Coral 550   Coral 555   Coral 690   Coral 725   Coral 850   Coral 100    DELL:   XCD28   XCD35       DIGICELL:   DL 800     DORO:   345   409   409S   410   410S   HandlePlus 334gsmIUP   HandleEasy 328GSM   HandleEasy 330GSM   HandlePlus 326igsm   HandlePlus 334gsm   HandlePlus 338gsm   PhoneEasy 332gsm   PhoneEasy 338gsm   PhoneEasy 341gsm   PhoneEasy 342gsm   PhoneEasy 505   PhoneEasy 510   PhoneEasy 515   PhoneEasy 605   PhoneEasy 614   PhoneEasy 615   PhoneEasy 715   610    EMPORIA:   RL1   RL2   V20m   V29i   V32 cick   V35   V36   V78   V87   V170   VF1   VF4  FNB:   CONEXIS A1   GELSI:   G31   G716    GLOBUL:   Z3    GOMOBILE:   GO963    GTRAN:   N120   N510    H18   NOA C44   NOA C25    HUAWEI:   Y220   Y221   G500 Pro   G2800   G2800s   G3510   G3511   G3512   G3610   G3620   G7220   G7220W   G7220V   U8836D   TAG-L03   Y600   G3621   G3621L   G3622   F316   F361   Ascend Y511   G5520   G5521   Ascend Y360-U23   F317   F362   Y560-U03   Y336-U02   Ascend Y320   Y321   Y520   G20   G3501 S.America   G5726   G6003   G6005   G6006   G6151   G6210   G6601   G6605   G6608   G6620   G6622   G6800   U5130   KNP Touch   G7210   U2805   G7510   VM720   Orange Panama   G5010   G7002   B260a   E155   E1550   E1551   E1552   E1553   E155X   E156   E156B   E156C   E156G   E160   E1609   E160E   E160G   E160X   E161   E1612   E1615   E1616   E1630   E1632   E166   E166G   E169   E1690   E1692   E169G   E170   E170G   E171   E172   E172G   E173   E1750   E1750C   E1752   E1756   E176   E1762   E176G   E180   E1803   E180G   E180S   E181   E182   E1820   E182E   E196   E216   E219   E226   E230   E270   E271   E272   E303   E3131   E3231   E3256   E510   E5331   E5332   E5332s-2   E583   E583c   E585u-82   E585v2   E586e   E612   E618   E620   E630   E630+   E660   E660A   E800   E870   E880   EG162   EG162G   EG602   EG602G   EM770   S4011   S7-701U   S7-U931   UMG1691   UMG181   UMG1831   Y625-U21   Y625-U32   Y625-U43   Y625-U51   Y625-U03   Y560-L01  IMO: Q2   IPLUS:   ORANGE M20   KENEKSI:   EFFECT   LANIX:   LX1   LX6   LX7   LX14   LX20   S50   S100   S105   S115   S120   S200   S210   S215   S400   S410   S500   S600   S700   T60   T65   T99   W20   W30   W31   Z11   Z20   W32   W250   S420   S220   LENOVO   A390   A3300   A7-30   A319I   A1000  LIKUID: LK500  LONGCHEER:   WM66   WM66A   WM71   WM72   WM66E   M4:   SS 1050   SS 1060   SS 1070   SS 1080   SS 1090   SS 660   SS 880   SS 550 Genius   SS 990   MEGAFON:   Megafone Optima   Megafone MS3B   Megafone Login 2   Megafone MT3A   M21-4   MR100-3   MEO:  Easy11   MICROMAX:  MMX200C   MMX250C   MMX300G   MMX310G   MMX350G   MMX352G   MMX353   MMX400R   MMX610U   MMX144F   Q334   Q327   Q402    MIZU:  BT190    MOJO:  C200   Chat   MOVISTAR:  GO-770   GO-177   Nexus GO177 Dual   Movistar Class   Movistar Link   Movistar Prime   Movistar One   Movistar 731   Movistar Q78   Movistar Smile   Movistar Urban   Movistar Onda   Match    MOVITTEL:  M1000   M1001   M6227   M6231    MTC   824FT   823F   423S   MTC: 1078   MTC 1065   SMART START 3   Smart Race 2 4G   MTN:  S810    MTS:  535   547   SMART RUN   SMART START    NAVON:  BT190    NEO:  3600    NOS:  NOVU    OOREDOO:  Smart 9   Smart 10   Smart 12 Plus    ORANGE:  Reyo   Tado   Tara 3G   HOLLYWOOD    OYSTERS:  ATLANTIC 4G   ARTIC 450    PANTECH:  C600   C610   C630   C740 Matrix   C790 Aladdin   C810 Duo   C820 Matrix Pro   P1010 Xtreme   P2000 Breeze 2   P2020 Ease   P2030 Breeze 3   P5000 Link 2   P6010 Pursuit 2   P7000 Impact   P7040 Link   P8000 Crossover   P9020 Pursuit   P9050 Lazer   P9060   ADR8995 Breakout   ADR910L Star Q   ADR930L Premia V   C3   C150   C510   C520   C530   C570   C300   C781   C790 Alladin-Duo   IM-A860L Vega6   IM-S500K   IM-S550S   IS11PT   MHS291   P2050   P4100   P6020   P6030   P8010 Crossover   P9040   PS7000   PW6010   PW8000s   UML290   UML295   WP8990   PG-1400   PG-1900   PG-C3   PG-C300   P9070 Burst    PIXO:   L612+    PRESTIGIO:  PSP 3413    SENDTEL:  Wise   JAde   Sage   Bliss   Draco   Neat   Draco 2   Q18   Rocket    SFR:  StarTrail 4   SFR 114   SFR 115   SFR 116   SFR 155   SFR 231   SFR 232   SFR 241   SFR 242   SFR 251   SFR 261   SFR 341   SFR 342   SFR 343   SFR 344   SFR 552   SFR 1180   SFR 132   SFR 118   SFR 124   SFR 151   SFR 522   StarAddict   StarExt   StarNaute   StarShine   SFR 511   SFR 551   StarTrail   STARTRAIL 3   STARTRAIL 5    SHARK:  DUO    SKY:  5 LT   ELITE 4.0S    SMART:   Wide   NetPhone 701    SMARTFREN:   Wide    SOFTBANK:   003Z    TELNOR:   100   R50   SMART MINI    TELSTRA:   Smart-Touch T3020   TESCO: IMO DASH UK  TMN:   Easy11   Easy48   Easy50    UMX:   BUDGET MOB MXW1    UNITE:   Smart 100 Moldova    VERYKOOL:   i129   I230   i-200   i-300   SL4502   I277   S5005   LOTUS II    VIRGIN:   VM575   VM595    VODACOM:   Smart Kicka 2    VODAFONE:  VFD 200   Smart first 7    VTELCA:  V791   VICTORIA Z5   Caribe 3   V795   TELEPATRIA   N720   VICTORIA   VICTORIA 2   NX402   NX501   NX406E   F310   V790   V8200   V865M   V765M   Telepatria 2   Caribe 4    WIKO:   LENNY 2   LENNY 3   Rainbow 4G   Rainbow 4G Lite   U FEEL   Sunny   Fever   Freddy   Jerry   Sunset 2   XOX:   ICON   WAVE XX   ZTE:   Blade C2   Blade G Lux   KIS 3 MAX   Blade G PRO   Blade Q   Blade Q Lux3G   Blade L370   Blade Q MAXY   Blade Q MINI   Blade X   Blade XM   T12   T760   T815   V795   KIS 2   KIS 2 MAX   ZTE F120 NEW   R28   Blade A465   Blade V580   Blade V6   Blade X7   Blade D6 LITE 3G   Blade D6 LITE H LtE   Blade D6 LITE L LtE   Blade L3   BladeL4 PRO   ICON NERO   B795   A475   T520   GRAND X QUAD Lite   Blade L2   A610 (Belarus)   Blade C2 PLUS   Global Z3   Optimus Dallas   Optimus Lisbon   Optimus Vegas   SmartFren Wide   Softbank 003Z   Tmn 5000   T Mobile Vairy To   T Mobile Vibe E20   TELSTRA T760   T-Mobile Vivacity   T-Mobile Zest   Turkcell Maxi Plu   Turkcell T1   Vodafone 331   Vodafone 351   Vodafone 353   Vodafone 550   Vodafone indie   Vodafone 547   ZTE A21 Plus   Zte A261   ZTE Amazing A1   ZTE ATLAS Telenor   ZTE Atlas W   ZTE Beeline A100   ZTE Cute   ZTE E400   ZTE E810   ZTE E821S   ZTE F120   ZTE F286   ZTE F930   ZTE F951   ZTE GPF1134   ZTE La poste   ZTE Orange   ZTE P725   ZTE P735T   Zte R255   ZTE RTK D1Carl   Zte S519   Zte Sage   ZTE Smile   ZTE STARTTEXT 2   ZTE Sydney   ZTE T22   ZTE T28   ZTE Tureis   ZTE UT-Starcom   ZTE V170 AUSTRIA   ZTE V6202   ZTE V760   ZTE V788D   ZTE V875   ZTE V889D   ZTE V889M   ZTE Viettel   ZTE Zest   ZTE Zong R221   ZTE Zong R231   ZTE ZR22   ZTE-G N220   ZTE-G N261   ZTE-G N281   ZTE-G N285   ZTE-G N290   ZTE-G N295   ZTE-G R221   ZTE-G R225   ZTE-G R228   ZTE-G R230   ZTE-G R231   ZTE-G R235   ZTE-G R236   ZTE-G R236M   Zte-G R238   ZTE-G R250   ZTE-G R260   ZTE-G R321   ZTE-G S202   ZTE-G S203   ZTE-G S213   ZTE-G S215   ZTE-G S511   ZTE-G S512   ZTE-G S516   ZTE-G T202   ZTE-G X670   ZTE-G X671   ZTE-G X672   ZTE-G X730   ZTE-G X760   ZTE-G X761   ZTE-G X930   ZTE-G X960   ZTE-G X990   ZTE-G X991   ZTE-G Z525   ZTE-G Z533   ZTE-G-R222   Tmn 1200   Tmn 1210   Tmn A5   Tmn Bluebelt 1   Tmn Bluebelt II   Tmn Softstone   Tmn Silverbelt   Sapo A5   Optimus SanFransisco   Vodafone 945   Vodafone 1230   vodafone 1231   Zte Link   Zte Xiang   Zte Blade   Zte N61   Zte Mercury   Zte 551   Zte 811   Zte Raise   Zte Racer   Zte E810 NEW   Zte v9 Light   ZTE SoftStone   ZTE Amigo   Zte X850   ZTE Libra   ZTE Base Lutea   R3100   Nubia NX406E   T-MOBILE BEAT   TMN Moche Script 64   V765M   V769M   BLADE L105   A3   A5   T220   V812   A5 Pro   T230   E10Q Venezuela   F320   Blade L110   Blade L111   CONEXIS A1

Qualcomm IMEI Repair Alcatel:

950 9001D 9001I 9001X I800 I806 J730U J736L J738M J929L M812 M823F OT-5042 OT-5048 OT-5050 OT-5051 OT-5054 OT-5056 OT-5057 OT-5065 OT-5098 OT-6015 OT-6016 OT-6034 OT-6035 OT-6036 OT-6039 OT-6045 OT-6050 OT-6055 OT-6070 OT-7030 OT-7043 OT-7044 OT-7048 OT-7050 OT-7055 OT-8000 OT-9007 OT-9030 S830U S838M S850L T500L VF-1400 VF-895N VFD-900