Avila Dongle is Standalone, No Need Internet Connection

Avila Dongle Version 1.3 Released

Avila Dongle Version 1.3 Released

Release info :
– added Alcatel QC Imei repair.
– added All calcultation Standalone.

V 1.0- added TESCO: IMO DASH UK.
V 1.0- added IMO: Q2.
V 1.0- added FNB: CONEXIS A1.

V 1.1- added LIKUID: LK500.
V 1.1- added AVVIO: A300.

V 1.2- added VTELCA: Vergatario L111, Vergatario 5, Vergatario 5+.First in World!!
V 1.2- Fix virus detetction.

V 1.3- Fix missing models.

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  1. para activar la avila dongle tienen que pegar los diver en sisten 32 y despues actualisar losa drives con driver booter cualquier vercion

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